Ordering from Data Catalog

For futures and other data not served by the Pricing Wizard, check the Data Catalog for availability.

Then email us with the following information:


--Name/Exchange of the instrument(s) for which you seek data

--Time period (usually as <Start> mmmYY - <End> mmmYY)

--Frequency of data (tick-by-tick, or regular interval: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes)

--if regular intervalTransaction (Tx) and/or Quote (Qt) data

          --If Transaction (Tx), do you also want Volume information?



Special instructions for ordering Futures data:


What sort of cutcuts are available on request.


For requested futures data we can send you a detailed Excel document specifying pricing and providing a summary of the actual number of ticks delivered for each future for each month.

When we receive your request, we will reply with specific details about availability and pricing.  Once pricing is determined, your order will be established when we receive a fax of the duly signed Institutional Order Form [pdf] or the Individual Order form [pdf].  (This applies only to instruments not served by the Pricing Wizard.)