About us

Our goal is to provide clients with the highest-quality filtered financial data and related technology. The company builds on the experience amassed by Olsen Ltd over the past 20 years, and we continue to have full access to Olsen's technical resources, professional talent, and acknowledged expertise.

Founded in 1985 by economist Richard B. Olsen, Olsen Ltd is a research-driven organization with strong ties to the international academic community. Working at the forefront of research to demonstrate persistent predictability in financial markets, Olsen Ltd has contributed to the growing body of evidence that markets have internal structure, with participants acting in prescribed ways based on their differing profiles and time horizons.  Within this framework, Olsen has shown that financial time series - such as fx prices and interest rates - exhibit significant deviations from a random walk and can be conditionally forecast.

To support its research, Olsen Ltd has invested considerable resources to create and maintain a large database of irregularly spaced, high-frequency time series - known as the Data Repository.  The result of this effort over two decades is one of the largest collections of clean market data available, as well as mature software to analyze and manage it.

Olsen Financial Technologies was created to take over from Olsen all of its data- and technology-related business.  Our objective is to become the market-leading provider of reliable high-frequency data and time-series management systems.