Your company will have a login account to a linux server on our network with access to the forex tick data since 1986 and tools to extract the data as you see fit and place it for download. You may also choose to process the tick data locally and download only results at your discretion. We will provide support to help you work with the tools.


  • $120k per year paid annually in advance of each subscription term.


  • Your company must be an end user of the data. No redistribution is permitted.
  • Downloaded data remains our property.
  • All data you may download which originates from the period after subscription starts is referred to as Post data. Post data will be deemed as being under a grant of perpetual license to use - under non-redistribution terms even after cancellation of the agreement.
  • All data you may download which originates from the period before subscription starts is referred to as Pre data. In the event of subscription cancellation all downloaded Pre data will need to be settled by entering into our standard historical data license agreement for that component of the data OR we will require a written statement confirming that all such historical data has been deleted from your systems (or both because some data may be kept and some other data may be deleted).
  • We will not supply data on removable media. All data access must be downloaded over a shared broadband connection. We will ascertain that we always maintain a reasonable bandwidth.
  • The subscription fee can be upto 50% higher for companies which would like to share data with multiple closely related enitites. This point is open to some negotiation depending on number of entities and geographical diversity.


Other package variants available with greater or smaller scope.

Please contact us for more information.