Base Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Formula

(per instrument for any period):

€[<Number of Months> + <Number of Ticks>/10,000]




[<Number of Data Fields> +1]












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●   There is a €300 minimum for commercial/individual orders and a €225 minimum for orders from academic institutions.


●   Academic institutions (not individuals) get a 25% discount on commercial prices.


●   There is a 25% discount (20% if you pay by credit card) on the part of the order exceeding €8,000 in a single invoice.


●   Transaction data and Quote data for the same instrument are regarded as separate series for the purpose of pricing.


●   Data is normally transferred via Web download; there is a €80 surcharge for data sent by CD (which includes the cost of regular mail; for an additional charge we can send the CD via FedEx).


●   Sales are in the form of a non-transferable annually renewable* license—for Historical Data—with signed commitment against redistribution.  (Olsen Financial Technologies continues to own the supplied data.)


●   Historical tick data is generally not supplied to private individuals.  However, Pruned, Interpolated and Interval** data are available.


●   In-line format transformations (for example, to generate Metastock format) are free.  We work with you to provide the format you desire.  Very occasionally there may be an additional charge for special formatting and data organization.



[*  annually renewable license: drills to current OFT screen: “License Renewal and Cancellation.”  I have not edited this screen, but there is a typo in the next-to-last line:  “(at the time of a new acquisition) so that…”]


[**Pruned, Interpolated and Interval data have explanatory screens that will appear under Pricing Details, later in this document.]



For specific questions or more information about pricing, please: